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Zero video knowledge required.

Our simplified process makes capturing and executing on your vision and objectives, faster and easier than ever before. What used to take months, now takes weeks.

Step One
Fill Out a Brief

Step Two
Have a Kick-Off Call

Step Three
Start Production

+25% Conversion Rate

‘My Video Received Over 6 MILLION Views...’

...and it was the centerpiece of our product. It was successful because it was both an explainer video as well as the hero… It absolutely met its purpose. We had a 25% conversion rate of getting to the website and starting a trial.

Bob Summers

Former Google Product Leader & CEO of CallJoy, a titan from Google's Area 120 Incubator.

Create all the time.

Create video content for every objective, every day. Your On-Demand Dedicated Producer and Post-Production Team learn your preferences and become an extension of you.

Scripts made easy.

Spend less time in the weeds as we create all the scripts you'll need. We've simplified information gathering to simple briefs that are fast and easy to fill out for you and your team.

Scale when you need it.

Your subscription gives you the essentials, but sometimes you need more. From videographers for b-roll to crew and sets for big commercials, we create a custom Video Package based on your needs.

Communication made simple.

Our SuperEasy Slack App not only allows you to contact your Producer in realtime; it allows you to launch video projects, pull up project updates, and retrieve important assets—24/7.

Two Ways To Create

From no budget videos to big budget videos, our goal is for you is to always be creating content.

You provide the footage.

No additional cost.

We capture professional footage.

Additional fees apply.


Client Revenue Generated


Watch Minutes Earned


Videos Delivered

Why SuperEasy Video?

Our team has made all types of commercial quality videos for almost a decade for brands like Bose, Google, Extreme Networks, LEGO, and a long list of SMBs and Startups.

Right as the pandemic hit, we had just completed a 160 episode web series for LEGO. It garnered LEGO, the #1 brand on YouTube with ~75 MILLION views and over 500 BILLION watch minutes generated—YouTube's Key Metric (Search 'Rebrickulous').

Video is critical for consumers these days, so we knew we needed to offer a better, easier way to do video. So we created a premium video service unlike any other for emerging businesses with the mission of democratizing commercial video production.

Our goal is to bring automation, data, and scalable systems to video production to make more compelling content, reduce human error, make budgets more predictable, and ultimately, get videos produced faster.

Brian Bruzzi


Chandler Quintin


Some Client Love

‘I was absolutely blown away by their creativity...’

I'm not wowed by a lot, but I was absolutely blown away by their creativity... My whole team left their first meeting like, "wow, that was the most fun, energized, meeting that I've had." And they hadn't even started the work. They are truly an extension to my marketing team. And in today's rapidly moving world of marketing, you need people that are nimble, creative and really super jazzed like we are here.

Steve Harrington

VP of Marketing, Cygilant

‘Choose them...’

Choose them if you need assurance that your projects will be on time and on budget. Choose them if you want to impress your boss, get a raise, and promotion.

Mike Lebovitz

Vice President Of Product Management, Pivotree

‘My expectations have been exceeded...’

Every project my expectations have been exceeded. Not only talented producers, but top-notch, responsive, and flexible account folks.

Brendan Brown

Sr. Director of Strategy & Planning, GPJ

‘They delivered more than we asked...’

For more than five years, they delivered more than we asked, usually more than we realized we needed. And it was always better than we expected. They’re great collaborators.

Jim Macleod

Marketing Digital Experience, EBSCO Information Services

‘Went above and beyond...’

The team went above and beyond in the execution and management of our project. I couldn't have asked for a better partner.

Joey Kolchinsky

CEO, OneVision

‘With the same respect as world-class agency shows...’

They treated my small project with the same respect a world-class agency shows a Fortune 500.

Jo McCarren

Creative Director, Suncrafted

SuperEasy Vs In-House

Access a professional video partner with over 25 years of experience
for less than a quarter of the monthly cost of an in-house video team.

SuperEasy Solution

Done-For-You: $3197/mo.

End-To-End Video Packages (Add-ons)

Dedicated Producer

On-Demand Edit Team

Monthly Strategy Sessions

Proven Script Frameworks

SuperEasy Slack App

= $3197/mo.

No Contract. Cancel Anytime.

DIY Solution

Do-It-Yourself: $23,650/mo.

No Video Packages

Senior Producer ($6,871/mo.)

Senior Editor ($5,072/mo.)

Senior Copywriter ($5,416/mo.)

Senior Project Manager ($6,291/mo.)

Monthly Team Meetings

= $23,650/mo.

The easiest video partner, period.

Commercial Video Production For A Flat Monthly Rate.

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